Story-based marketing from a StoryBrand certified guide

What is StoryBrand?

In 2017, Donald Miller published the book, Building a StoryBrand, which outlined the most effective story-based marketing tool we’ve ever used. There are seven key parts to any story, and at Sparx360, we use this framework to create effective messages, build sales funnels, and manage marketing campaigns that grow your business. 

Who Should Use StoryBrand?

I2019, Dr. J. J. Peterson wrote his dissertation on StoryBrand, studying its effectiveness. He found that it works for any business, nonprofit, or association that needs to increase the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and tactics. Will it work for you? Yes. The data says that the only difference in whether or not it works for a given business is how effectively the system is implemented.  J. J. and Donald Miller then collaborated on the book Marketing Made Simple, published in 2020. 

Ready to use the StoryBrand Marketing Framework?

StoryBrand BadgeSparx 360’s owner, Elaine Acker, is a StoryBrand certified guide and can personally serve as your marketing coach or recommend courses and workshops. 

Whether you’re a business owner or a marketing professional, this proven system can completely transform your marketing program.


Livestream Marketing Workshop Starting at $995
  • Learn StoryBrand from the company founder, Donald Miller and the StoryBrand Team
  • Get personal feedback from trained StoryBrand Guides
  • Learn alongside like-minded professionals
  • Spend hands-on time developing your skills
  • Leave the workshop with marketing messages that you can implement immediately

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Request a Speaker

Elaine is available to present the StoryBrand approach to your company team or group. Participants leave the room with valuable insight on how to immediately implement the StoryBrand framework to increase revenues.

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Elaine has read the book at multiple times and re-discovers valuable tips every time. If you want to take the DIY approach to your StoryBrand journey, you can start with the book today.

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After J. J. finished his dissertation on the StoryBrand framework, he and Don published Marketing Made Simple. It’s another great book that can help you with your DIY marketing journey!

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